Business Law

Wood + Lamping represents and counsels business clients across the myriad of legal issues confronted in today’s increasingly complex business environment.  We focus on minimizing the legal risks attendant to the client’s particular situation and maximizing the opportunity for clients to achieve their business objectives.

Our multidimensional practice serves a range of clients: entities of all forms from jurisdictions throughout the United States and the world, shareholders, members, partners, individual and institutional investors, issuers, directors, and executive management.  Be it in the planning process at the earliest stages of a business’s development, or the realization of a monetization event later in the business’ life cycle, and at all points in between, our attorney’s counsel business decision makers.

Our experience covers issues regarding governance, financing, securities, and buy/sell transactions (both large and small) of for profit and not for profit enterprises, whatever form they may take.  We are fortunate to understand these issues from multiple perspectives, having counseled both issuers as well as investors, M&A buyers as well as sellers, majority shareholders as well as minority shareholders.  We work closely with businesses on optimizing the terms and conditions of the “bread and butter” contractual arrangements they execute on a regularly recurring basis, as well as strategic arrangements that arise from time to time.

We invite you to review some of the areas of our practice that we have highlighted for you, as well as information regarding the attorneys in this practice group and welcome the opportunity to talk with you regarding your business law needs.