Get Back to Work: Four Things Employers Should Know

As the number of vaccinated people goes up and the number of COVID-19 cases goes down, companies and employees have to consider the option of returning to the workplace. With ...

End of Life

End-of-life planning is always stressful and upsetting, but a necessary conversation people should have with their loved ones. In this recent episode of “Simply Money”, I discuss how families should ...

Preserving Your Miles

Frequent flyer programs are great ways for people to earn free flights and upgrades and cross destinations off their bucket lists. Each year, Americans accumulate 3 trillion frequent flyer miles ...

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Ohio Revises Statutes of Limitation Relating to Contract Claims

Ohio has enacted a significant revision of its statutes of limitation governing contract claims. In March, Governor Mike DeWine signed into law Senate Bill 13, which shortens the limitation periods ...

Big Changes to Ohio's Anti-Discrimination Statute

After over 25 years of discussions, proposals, court decisions, and failed legislative efforts, Ohio has amended its employment discrimination statute (Ohio Revised Code § 4112) to streamline and simplify the ...

Deductibility of Business Meals

The recent 2020 stimulus legislation enacted by Congress was signed into law by President Trump in Dec. 2020. Among other things, it changed a provision relating to the deductibility of ...

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