Trade Secrets and Business Strategy

Trade secrets are secrets that add value to a business. While most companies that engage in extensive research and development still regard patent protection as their primary intellectual property tool, ...

Trademark Essentials for Start-up Businesses

One of the most important issues faced by business start-ups is choosing a name for the business that isn’t confusingly similar to another company’s name. The same is true for ...

SBA Interest Rates – August-October

504 Rates for August - October 2018  Rates have remained relatively steady over the last 3 months.  The 20-year rates for the last 3 months have been: August         5.301% ...

Big Changes to Child Support in Ohio

In June, the Ohio Legislature finalized and passed House Bill 366, short titled “Change Laws Governing Child Support.” This bill has introduced widespread change to the way Ohio lawyers will ...

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