Wood + Lamping has achieved great success in helping communities resolve legal issues through collective bargaining or mediation, or by avoiding costly litigation altogether. But in some cases, litigation is necessary because the parties cannot agree on the outcome. If even just one individual is dissatisfied with the proposal, negotiations stall and litigation is inevitable.

Many issues facing local government entities require a delicate balancing of the rights, goals, and emotions of all the individual parties versus the common interests and desires of the community as a whole. With substantial experience in community-related legal matters, we are especially effective at helping all parties focus on the main issue(s) instead of the emotional ones, and bringing the matter to resolution as quickly as possible.

At times, when there is no chance of a conflict of interest, Wood + Lamping also represents individuals and businesses in disputes with public agencies. One of the more publicized cases in recent years involved the City of Norwood eminent domain project at Rookwood Exchange. Wood + Lamping represented the homeowners whose homes were being taken by the City and developers for a commercial and retail project. After a number of appeals, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled in favor of the homeowners.  While we will continue to represent private individuals when justice requires, Wood + Lamping can help public agencies prevent this type of problem from occurring.

Our litigators regularly advise and counsel local governments on the following topics:

  • Eminent Domain
  • Zoning Appeals
  • Employment and Labor Disputes
  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • Mandamus Actions
  • Contract Disputes