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If you or your business is confronted with a crisis, protecting yourself or your business is paramount.  If a dispute results in litigation it can be devastating and distracting for you and your business. Litigation may pose a serious risk of loss of assets, resources, and credibility.

At Wood + Lamping, we understand how critical it is to resolve any disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible outside of the courtroom. If litigation is unavoidable, a one size fits all approach to litigation is not possible since every situation is different.  We will work with you to develop and implement a litigation strategy that best fits your problem, and which will result in a cost-effective and positive outcome.  We are comfortable pursuing aggressive trial tactics if the situation calls for it or strategically employing a motion practice to achieve the most cost-effective solution.

We handle all types of disputes in federal and state courts at all levels, including the following:

• Appeals
• Bankruptcy
• Breach of contract
• Construction
• Corporate governance and shareholder disputes
• Employee benefits
• Employment and labor
• Insurance
• Intellectual property, trademark, and copyright
• Personal injury
• Probate, estates, and trusts
• Product liability
• Real estate: (eminent domain, commercial evictions, foreclosures, forfeitures, loan workouts, leases, land development & use, and zoning)
• Tax
• Unfair competition: (antitrust, noncompetition agreements, trade secrets, and unfair trade practices)