Local Government Law

Local governments serve the people. And we serve local governments –professionally, proficiently and proudly.

The attorneys of Wood & Lamping have been helping local communities solve problems and create new opportunities for more than 40 years.  We often work as a community’s general counsel, i.e., as its primary Law Director or Solicitor. Sometimes we are planners, sometimes researchers, sometimes mediators, and sometimes litigators – but we are always lawyers serving the public trust.

As part of our Local Government Law practice group, the experienced attorneys of Wood & Lamping assist local communities and residents in nearly every way.  Our services are wide ranging, but they generally fall into certain areas of focus.  Click on any of the links below to learn more about how we can help solve your problems.

We thrive on solving problems by working with public officials on behalf of their communities.  Whether answering a procedural question for council during an intensive debate, finding common ground in zoning litigation, or guiding our clients in personnel decisions, our goal is to serve local governments.  And local governments serve the people.