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Trademarks and Trade Secrets

Trademark and Trade Secrets attorneys partner with corporations, individual inventors, authors, and owners of creative works, advising them about practical strategies to protect their trade secrets and represent them in disputes involving alleged misappropriation of confidential information.

At Wood + Lamping, our  lawyers work with our employment lawyers to draft contracts containing non-compete, non-disclosure, non-solicitation, and non-circumvention clauses to protect corporate-owned trade secrets and other valuable intellectual property assets.


  • Developed intellectual property asset management and protection strategies designed to balance risk, foster growth, and grow market share.
  • Advised and represented clients in all aspects of trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, including prosecution, clearance/availability searches, registration, monitoring, maintenance, acquisition, sale, licensing, assignment, infringement, and business transactions related to intellectual property.
  • Helped clients identify protectable intellectual property assets that exist or may arise from their websites, including copyright, trade secret, patent, trademark, and trade dress assets. We routinely counsel clients on how to make proper use of trademarks.

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