Global Business and Immigration

Our attorneys, from China and the USA, share a common bond: We find solutions for our clients in the maze of challenges and shifting regulations for cross-border endeavors.  We are equipped to handle matters involving inbound investment in the U.S. by a foreign firm, outbound investment by a U.S. firm overseas, the myriad of issues regarding international commerce in goods and services and the attendant immigration issues associated with all of the foregoing.  Our attorneys guide clients through the process, identify and mitigate against associated legal and business risks and facilitate obtainment of key legal objectives as well as serving the client’s strategic and tactical business goals.

In addition to the expertise of our own attorneys, Wood + Lamping (W+L) is also a part of a worldwide network of law firms.  The network combines both a formal organization and personal legal contacts.  This enables the attorneys in the Global Business and Immigration Practice Area to assist clients in matters that present cross-border questions and to draw upon localized legal expertise in jurisdictions across the world.

We bring an interdisciplinary approach to the Global Business and Immigration Practice Area at W+L, drawing upon lawyers with depth of expertise in corporate, commercial, immigration, intellectual property, and real estate law amongst other areas as well.  We have attorneys who are proficient in foreign language as well.  We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in your global business and immigration law needs.