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Community Association Law

Robert Frost famously wrote that “good fences make good neighbors.” If there’s a quality fence dividing one yard from the next, it may be reasonable to conclude that good neighbors occupy the homes on each side. Perhaps the fence is maintained as a matter of courtesy. Then again, if there’s a quality fence but the neighbors aren’t keen on one another, perhaps that pristine divider is more the result of a solid community association, either a homeowners’ or a condominium association, that effectively enforces proper “fence etiquette” than it is a reflection of neighborly good will. If you manage a community association or participate on a community association board, you know what a headache squabbling neighbors can be.

There’s good news! W+L now offers services targeted to homeowners’ associations and condominium associations, helping them find real, lasting solutions to problems with rogue residents. You know the issues … fallout from natural disasters (sometimes literally — landslides, anyone?), collecting delinquent assessments, the proper application and interpretation of the governing documents that bind your community (someone always wants a fence where they can’t have one), and more. If you are a community association manager or you are a member of your association’s board of directors, consider bringing in W+L to represent your association.

Our award-winning, rockstar attorneys can help you with:

  • Fair Housing concerns
  • Liability issues
  • Corporate procedures
  • Insurance questions
  • Governing document interpretation and amendments
  • Delinquency collections
  • Pretty much anything a community association might face (aka the weird stuff, which always seems to find community associations)

Ready to bring someone on board who can represent your association and find solutions that work? Reach out to us at We welcome the opportunity to help you develop a community built on the foundations of cooperation and positivity.