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New Federal Trade Secret Law Adds Remedies, but Imposes New Obligations for Employers Too

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Effective May 11, 2016, a new federal law adds powerful ways to protect a company’s trade secrets. That same law, however, imposes new burdens on employers if they want to make full use of the statute’s remedies. Those new burdens …

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Fair Use in the Copyright Context

Sections 107 through 118 of Title 17 of the United States Code dealing with copyright law impose certain limitations on the right of a copyright owner to reproduce or to authorize others to reproduce a work in copies or phonorecords. …

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How to Avoid Losing Your Domain Name

Almost all Ohio political subdivisions now have a presence on the World Wide Web in some form or another. Generally, web development and hosting agreements are signed by community administrators assuming that all intellectual property automatically belongs to the community because the community …

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Email Footer Disclaimers

One of our clients recently inquired about the legal and practical benefits, if any, of using email footers in connection with all company correspondence. He expressed concern that his company didn’t use such a disclaimer and almost all email he received from …

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Cloud Computing or Cloudy Computing – Are the Cost Savings Worth It?

Due to the bad economy, local governments and organizations are seeking tools to cut costs. One such tool is the service of cloud computing. Simply put, the goal of cloud computing is the delivery of computation, software, data access and …

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Best Practices of Confidentiality In the Digital Workplace

Our clients routinely enter into agreements with their customers and licensors which include provisions related to confidentiality and ownership of intellectual property. Employees, vendors, freelancers or independent contractors of the client may be entrusted with confidential information, intellectual property and …

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