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Tax Free IRA Charitable Rollover Permanently Extended

If you are age seventy and a half or older, you may instruct your IRA custodian to transfer any amount, up to $100,000, directly to a charitable institution of your choice that qualifies under Section 501(c)(3) (not including a private foundation …

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Ohio Rules Govern How Annuities Are Treated for Medicaid Purposes

A friend suggested that I buy an annuity. What, exactly, is that? An annuity is an insurance product. To buy one, you pay a lump sum to the insurance company, and your lump sum is later paid back to you, …

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The Paradigm Shift in Estate Planning

Estate planning had always been focused on maximizing the amount to be left to the heirs.  Reduction of the taxable estate was the goal.  Because of the increase of the Estate Tax Exclusion to $5,430,000 (2015) for most estates, the …

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Estate Planning – What is Also Important

In establishing an estate plan, of critical importance is the creation of three, sometimes overlooked documents, which may have more value than the estate plan itself.  These documents include a Durable General Power of Attorney, a Living Will and a …

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Adventures in Beneficiary Designation Land or “Winning the Battle but Losing the War”

Litigation concerning the rightful beneficiary of retirement accounts is becoming more common. Cases involving the beneficiary of a retirement account owned by a decedent who was divorced are especially tricky. Often the decedent who was divorced failed to change the …

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John Eilers Honored at CBA’s Senior Attorneys’ Luncheon

Wood & Lamping attorney John Eilers was honored at the Cincinnati Bar Association’s Senior Attorneys’ Luncheon on Friday, October 17th.  The CBA honored its members who have either been in practice for 50 years, or who have celebrated their 75th …

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Choosing an Executor and Trustee for Your Estate Plan

One of the most important decisions a person must make when preparing their estate plan is who to name as the executor of their Will or trustee of their Trust. The person in charge of your estate after you have …

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Mark S. Reckman to Speak at Sterling Education Services’ Elder Law Seminar

Mark S. Reckman will be speaking at Sterling Education Services’ 4th Annual seminar entitled, “Elder Law: Legal, Financial, and Health Care Issues.”  Sterling Education Services’ elder law seminar will focus on creating effective strategies to make sure your clients are …

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Signatures Matter in the World of Business Succession Planning

A recent decision from a Texas appeals court serves as a reminder to small business owners that it is vital to follow through and sign a buy-sell agreement. Even though we live in the 21st century where emails and text …

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Edward D. Bender to speak at the National Business Institute’s Estate Planning Seminar

Edward D. Bender will be speaking at the National Business Institute’s Seminar entitled, “Estate Administration from Start to Finish.” NBI’s “Estate Administration from Start to Finish” seminar is designed specifically for attorneys who either want to brush up on their …

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