Zoning, Land Use and Real Estate

Local governments constantly strive to coordinate competing interests in an effort to preserve and enhance the quality of life in a community.  What activities are compatible in one neighborhood but not in another?  How can a community strike a balance between livable residential neighborhoods and a thriving business district?  Can the historic beauty of a community be preserved while still allowing for crucial development of the tax base?

Communities struggle with these questions every day, and the attorneys of Wood + Lamping have been helping to respond to these issues for decades.  We help solve problems and create opportunities when addressing the following issues, among others:

  • Variances and Rezoning
  • Eminent Domain
  • Administrative Appeals
  • Cell Tower Regulations
  • Zoning Code Amendments
  • Historic Preservation
  • Property Acquisition and Development
  • Title Exams
  • Religious Land Uses
  • Sign Regulations