Wood and Lamping LLP is uniquely positioned to provide both foreign and domestic employers with the necessary immigration expertise required to navigate the ever-changing laws governing the hiring and continued employment of foreign workers.  We are able to assist with non-immigrant visas for business visitors, domestic employees (accompanying a foreign national employer), tourism/vacation visitors, treaty traders/treaty investors, Australian professionals, specialty occupations in fields requiring highly specialized knowledge, students, exchange visitors (including physicians, professors, scholars, and teachers), intra-company transferees (executives/managers and specialized knowledge), foreign nationals with extraordinary ability in arts, sciences, education, business or athletics, religious workers, and NAFTA professional workers from Mexico and Canada.

In addition to the those needing temporary visas, our attorneys are experienced in the successful processing of immigrant visas (allowing permanent residency in the U.S.) including the following preference groups:

  • (EB-1):  Priority Workers (Persons with extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, education, business, or athletics; outstanding professors and researchers; and multinational managers or executives)
  • (EB-2):  Professionals Holding Advanced Degrees and Persons of Exceptional Ability
  • (EB-3):  Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Unskilled Workers
  • (EB-4):  Certain Special Immigrants

In addition to non-immigrant visas and employment-based immigrant visa categories, Wood and Lamping LLP offers employers I-9 compliance audits and on-site HR training in issues including execution of the newly revised USCIS Form I-9,  Eligibility Verification and use of E-Verify.   We also offer individuals assistance with family-based immigration and naturalization matters.

Complying with immigration law can be quite complicated and challenging in this post-September 11 era.  Wood and Lamping LLP offers skilled and experienced immigration counsel to successfully lead employers and individuals through complex regulations.