Rayan Coutinho Appointed to Serve on Cincinnati Mayor’s Task Force on Immigration

Rayan Coutinho has been appointed to serve on Mayor John Cranley’s Task Force on Immigration. The task force will examine the city’s policies on immigration and how it can bring, retain and foster the immigrant community. Co-chairs on the task force include President and CEO of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce Brian Carley, University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono, Archdiocese Ted Bergh, and Chief of Police Jeffrey Blackwell. The four focus areas of the force are economic development; community resources, welcoming and development; education and talent recognition; international relationships; and rights and safety. Rayan is serving on the Economic Development Committee co-chaired by President and CEO of Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce Brian Carley and Moira Tamayo of Vantiv. The Committee’s goal is to advise the administration on ways in which the City may open itself to greater economic potential through the adoption of new immigration policies. The Committee will: (a) examine the implications of immigration policy on the City Economy; (b) explore initiatives and programs which may spur innovation and economic development; and (c) research methods by which City may encourage contribution by outside investors. Strategies that address the aforementioned issues will be explored and recommendations for future action reported.

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