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Simply Money: Grandchildren in your Estate Plan

Do your estate plans include your grandchildren? I dive into a few things to consider when planning for how grandchildren fit into your trust in this latest installment of Simply Money. You can listen to my conversation with Amy Wagner …

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Simply Money: Complexities with Estranged Children

Having an estranged child in the family can lead to potential conflict in the probate process after death. So, what’s the best way to proceed in this situation? For this edition of Simply Money, I share some insight to help …

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Simply Money: Estate Planning with In-Laws

Are you struggling with whether to include your child’s spouse in your estate planning? In my latest episode of Simply Money, I discuss the pros and cons of how in-laws fit into the line of succession.  To hear my conversation …

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Get Back to Work: Four Things Employers Should Know

As the number of vaccinated people goes up and the number of COVID-19 cases goes down, companies and employees have to consider the option of returning to the workplace. With varying levels of comfort and confidence about being face-to-face with …

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End of Life

End-of-life planning is always stressful and upsetting, but a necessary conversation people should have with their loved ones. In this recent episode of “Simply Money”, I discuss how families should go about making preparations for the end of one’s life, …

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Preserving Your Miles

Frequent flyer programs are great ways for people to earn free flights and upgrades and cross destinations off their bucket lists. Each year, Americans accumulate 3 trillion frequent flyer miles — the equivalent of $600 per household! But have you …

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Do you know about SLATS?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) became effective on Jan. 1, 2018. Included in TCJA was a change to the “unified credit” exclusion amount available to individuals for gifts made during life and the transfer of assets …

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Can Employers Require Vaccinations?

Now that the cloud of the COVID pandemic finally seems to be lifting and vaccines are becoming more widely available, many employers are asking whether they can get their workforce “back to normal” by requiring employees to be vaccinated. In …

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Inheritance Guidance

Inheritance comes in all shapes, sizes, and surprises. And regardless of how it comes, you need to make sure you’re making the right decisions. On a recent episode of 55KRC’s radio show Simply Money, I shared with Amy Wagner the …

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Behind-the-Scenes of ABA’s Latest Book

My involvement with the American Bar Association’s Section of Litigation connects me to great opportunities and a network of the country’s highest quality attorneys and firms working on the important legal issues facing our clients. One example is the book …

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