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Are Your Printers and Copiers a Source of HIPAA Liability?

Digital copiers and printers can store information, including protected health information (PHI), on their hard drives. Neglecting to wipe equipment hard drives clean at lease end or at time of sale or recycling can expose a health care provider to …

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504 Rates for April and May 2018

Rates for April and May of 2018 continued their slight upward trend with the April rate coming in at 5.02% and May at 5.22%. As the chart below demonstrates, even with the slight increases over the last two months, rates …

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Small Business HRAs: An Employee Health Care Solution

In December 2016 President Obama signed the “Cures Act” to give small businesses and nonprofits a “new” option for providing health care to employees. Previously, the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) penalized the use of traditional Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) and …

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Medicaid and the Treatments of Gifts by Medicaid

Medicaid will pay for long-term care in an “approved” skilled care facility.  In fact, Medicaid pays for most of the long-term care in this country.  To obtain Medicaid benefits in a nursing home, the nursing home placement must be medically …

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Tips for Medical Providers — How to Respond to Online Posts

A medical provider must exercise caution when responding to a patient’s online review to ensure that their response does not violate HIPAA. Understand that a patient review does not authorize the provider to release any patient-specific information in response, even …

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Default Litigation Case Law Update For Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky And Michigan

Common litigation issues which a creditor may face involve issues of standing, whether a lien is a valid lien and challenges to the affidavits used to support judgment.  In the past month there have been several decisions on these topics …

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504 Rates for the 2018 1st Quarter

Rates for the first quarter of 2018 increased slightly over prior months. Still, borrowers with loans from January through March debenture pools saw their rates fixed for 20 years at under 5%! See below for 504 rate trend line for …

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Default Litigation Case Law Update For Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, And Michigan

Common litigation issues which a creditor may face are allegations of violations of RESPA and FDCPA as well as the Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy Court. Each of these imposes separate responsibilities and liabilities on the part of lenders, investors, services, …

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Trusts: Living and Testamentary

A trust is a legal document that creates a “fund” to manage assets. There are two basic types of trusts, living trusts and testamentary trusts; and there are dozens of variations of these two types of trusts. A trustee, either …

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504 Rates and News

In the last 3 months, we have seen a gradual decline (October 2017-December 2017). 504 Rates from October 2017 to December 2017 are displayed in the chart below: Many changes to the 504 Program with the recently published SOP 50 …

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