Jeffrey D. Forbes

Jeffrey D. Forbes

Jeff Forbes has been a member of the firm's State and Local Government Practice Group since he joined Wood + Lamping in 2001 and currently serves as the Practice Group Leader.  In those years Jeff has spent most of his time representing local governmental bodies like cities, villages, and townships.  He currently serves as the appointed Law Director or Solicitor for the City of Mason, the City of Springdale, the Village of Waynesville, the Village of Greenhills, and the Village of Terrace Park.

In representing the government, Jeff helps draft local laws covering everything from property and zoning regulations to noise control and animal regulations.  He negotiates and reviews contracts between the governments and contractors related to projects like road improvements and constructing new community centers and government buildings.  When necessary, Jeff helps the government acquire the property needed for these projects, and that sometimes requires the use of eminent domain.  Lately, Jeff has become more involved in helping cities attract valuable businesses to locate in particular communities by drafting and negotiating creative economic development agreements that ultimately benefit all the parties involved.

Jeff also helps individuals and businesses solve problems and create opportunities whenever they have contact with their local governments.  Specifically, he has helped property owners keep their property when the government has tried to take it away, and he has helped other owners negotiate better payments when they were willing to sell the property to the government.  Jeff has also helped businesses get the zoning restrictions on their property changed so they could expand their business and grow.

Jeff has embraced using an iPad and other technology as part of his daily law practice, making him accessible and more efficient for those clients who have adopted more modern technology in their operations.  For those clients who prefer to stick with the telephone, Jeff can do that too.  He strives to be responsive to client needs and will use technology to the extent that any client wants or needs.

Before attending law school, Jeff taught English and Speech Communications to ninth and tenth graders at Archbishop McNicholas High School in Mt. Washington. He has also served on the Clermont County MRDD Board, the City of Montgomery Planning Commission, and the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement where he has volunteered as a classroom teacher.

Jeff lives in Montgomery with his wife, Susan, and their three children.

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Ohio State Bar Association
  • Cincinnati Bar Association
    • Local Government Law Committee