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Wood + Lamping, LLP in Cincinnati, Ohio


Representing clients in Municipal, County and area Courts. Representing clients before government agencies such as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Liquor Control, and municipal zoning departments. Advising clients regarding legal rights and obligations regarding immigration, business, employment, leases, liquor permit applications, traffic law, and other areas. Researching and studying Constitutional law, statutes, decisions, regulations, and ordinances of governments and quasi-judicial bodies in order to provide legal opinions and guidance to clients regarding immigration, business, employment, leases, liquor permit applications, traffic law, and other areas. Preparing and drafting legal documents, such as motions, briefs, and memoranda of law, contracts, leases, visa petitions and applications. Analyzing the probable outcomes of immigration petitions/applications, traffic cases, etc., using knowledge of statutory law and legal precedents. Gathering information by interviewing clients, reviewing documents, and inspecting facilities and sites to ascertain the facts. Representing business clients on business transactions. Advising business clients on real estate and employment matters. Conferring with other attorneys to establish and verify bases for legal proceedings. Communicating with clients, witnesses, and opposing counsel. Reviewing documents and advising clients on necessary steps to remain compliant with immigration law and regulations. Assisting in the further development of Wood + Lamping, LLP’s Global Business and Immigration Practice Group. Strengthening and developing Chinese-American contacts for legal services. Interacting with and market to the local Chinese community, including business and professional leaders. Initiating and maintaining contact with clients to ensure that their immigration needs are met. Investigating governmental grants, financial aid, and tax benefits that encourage Chinese-American business development. Providing interpretation and translation related to law and legal terminology between Chinese and English. Representing Chinese businesses, families, and individuals in legal matter. Coordinating EB-5 immigrant investor clients with USCIS, EB-5 regional centers, and related entities, and guiding and assisting EB-5 immigrant investor clients in their EB-5 petitions. Assisting business and developers that wish to use EB-5 funds to finance their projects. Developing short and long term marketing strategy and implementing relationships with prospective clients and referral sources. Negotiating cross-border agreements between China and America based business enterprises. Providing immigration services to prospective secondary school, college and graduate students interested in attending U.S. schools and universities. Performing legal research, analysis, and writing. This position does not require Chinese language ability.


Education: Juris Doctor in Law.

Experience and Other Requirements: License to practice law in Ohio. Two years of experience as a Legal/Law Clerk or Associate Attorney and in dealing with Chinese etiquette and business practices. The position does not require Chinese language ability.

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