Why Every Employer Needs to Proactively Manage Employee Email, Internet Use and Blogs


Rayan F. Coutinho, Ph.D.There is no law that requires an employer to create, maintain or provide employees with policies pertaining to the use of technology facilities. However, policies related to internet usage, email and blogging have become extremely important documents in today’s technological world. Many employers find it useful to distribute written policies, including at new employee orientation, outlining the companies policies and procedures to all employees. These may be simple, setting out a general company policy for use of all technology facilities or may be lengthy and elaborate policies that address each technology separately. Everything contained in such policies must be consistent with the current overall company policy and must be stated in unambiguous terms. If you decide to adopt such policies, they should be reviewed with counsel annually and updated frequently. Moreover, with the advent of new forms of communication such as texting, SMS, and chat portals, a company must evaluate whether a policy encompassing the new technology is necessary or appropriate.



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